Uzondu Chigozie

uzondu chigozieI am Uzondu Chigozie, on this page I want to express myself, my desire to create and go after my dream. I am 24years old at the time of this writing. I am passionate about real estate especially skyscrapers, business and entrepreneurship. Of course everyone has his own definition but to me passion is the fire within to do something positive, to create a near-perfect-world through thoughts, words and actions. Passion is not complete until it is down to earth where it will do some good to humanity. I found my passion in real estate three years ago(2013). Then, I was recovering from failure of an internet business which was my first venture.

The failure did not stop me rather it made me to sit up, reanalyze, decide firmly and prepare to get back to fight. During this period, I did a lot of studying such that people around me became bordered about my habits. But little did they know that I was driven by passion. They could not understand how much excited I was about the wisdom I have gained.
My library collections were books written by Robert T. Kiyosaki (and the rich dad’s advisors series); the famous Donald J. Trump (and trump university series), Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill among others who are my mentors especially Mr. Trump and Mr. Kiyosaki.

In a country like Nigeria where there are HUGE opportunities everywhere (seen by those who are informed). There are also huge giant obstacles standing on the way which I call ‘the big guys’ created by ourselves to hinder ourselves from taking the bull by the horn and going for our dreams.

Within me

There came a time when things changed, I came to the conclusion that: I am tired of seeing residential places not well planned and built; I’m tired of wasted free natural resources; I’m tired of power failure; I’m tired of landlords’ nonchalant attitude; I’m tired of lazy home owners, those who don’t have the mindful intention to touch lives or make it anywhere close to ‘being better; I’m tired of seeing mismanaged residential units, I’m tired of mosquitoes; I’m tired of sitting back, watch and talk about the messed up of real estate developments; I’m tired of not getting the best that me and others deserve to live with; I’m tired of seeing unemployed youths striving with lack of motivation.

uzondu chigozie-pasionBut I’m Hungry for

But then, I’m hungry to see the youths employed, I’m hungry to see tall buildings, skyscrapers serving residential and commercial needs with all it component and features available any-time; I’m hungry to see and show others breath-taking views; I’m hungry to see that people are less worried but know that everything they need is readily available within a residential development owned by Zond Real Estate; I’m hungry to see that businesses are built and millions of people are employed and benefit from. Let me keep the money aside although it’s a score card to know how well I’m doing (like Donald Trump said) But in the real sense and personally, I’m in the business not just to be in the business but to impact lives, touch lives and probably change them forever. Real estate and business, I don’t take lightly because I believe that it’s a vocation: a call to serve people. A lot of things are possible even to the one that seems impossible. We can do it. we can make it happen in the system of residential real estate on our soil.

uzondu chigozie
For residential real estate, I’m determined to make a solid land mark, break through any kind of wall to give Nigerians that promise that I and my business made. There is no rest until the best surfaces. So help me GOD. Thank you for reading my article.