Fuel Stations For Sale In Abuja

Filling stations also known as fuel stations are huge and valuable assets and if you are looking for one, then you are welcome. So, here we go Fuel stations For Sale In Abuja

Specifically there are two Fuel stations for sale in Abuja now


#1. The first fuel station for sale in Abuja

This is actually two fuel station side by side to each other. Each of this property is located around the NYSE junction Kubwa express way Abuja.

The market potentials of each of this fuel station is huge because of its location(right on the road)

The asking price for each of them is N850Million naira

Call +234(0)8063084876 to Schedule an appointment to see this property and for further information.


#2. Fuel station for sale in Abuja

The second fuel station is located along the Abuja-kadunna express way Gauraka. This property is a 5 pump terminal fuel station and it is going for the asking price of N250Million naira.

This is also located along the road. with good market potentials. Other details of this property will be relayed to you when if you are interested.  

Call +234(0)8063084876 to Schedule an appointment to see this property and for further information.

Note: we have professional team that will make sure that the  owners, of the property we have listed out for sale are genuine as well as their property. Every member of our team is also cautious about the deals we make, because we often bears witness to them. Inasmuch as properties are for sale our number one priority is the interest and concerns of our client. we strive for a long time relationship after sales. 

Why buy a fuel station?

If you have not operated a fuel station nor own one before, then you have to understand that fuel station is a solid asset that generate alot of cash flow if it is well operated or managed.

This is a good way of investing into something that has the possibility of increasing in value and generating substantial income. Like our country Nigeria, where everyone depends directly or indirectly on petrol, the demand for fuel exceeds every other commodity that is necessary for day to day operations of Nigerians. That simply means that fuel stations are not a just property but a very active asset.

Own a fuel station today!

call me to know more about the properties I have on my desk or to hunt for another.

+234 8063084876.

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