House rent in Zuba

Like any other neighboring town of the Abuja Metropolis, house rent in Zuba residential real estate are patronized by people working in Abuja, students of COE, Zuba and people doing business in Zuba itself, the Abuja metro or its surrounding towns. House rent in Zuba at the time of my writing are determined by certain factors and conditions

The kind of space that is available in house for rent in Zuba includes

  • Single room. shared toilets and bathrooms with other tenants;
  • One room apartment (studio apartment) also called self-contain. This consist of a room with a toilet & bathroom and a kitchen corner.
  • 1-bed room flat and 2-bedroom flat: 1-bed comes with a room, sitting room (also known as parlor, kitchen, toilet and usually 1-bath. The 2-bed comes with everything that the 1-bed comes with but with an additional one room to make it two.
These are commonly rented in this town, but the following are rarely rented are 3- bed room apartment and probably 4-bed apartment. Let’s look at factors that affects the house rent; this might help you make a decision

1. The neighborhoods of house for rent in Zuba

The neighborhood largely dictates how people will be attracted to the area. Easy accessibility to roads rents fast. This gives reason to why some neighborhood rents slow and others fast. Notwithstanding, there are usually a negligible or no vacant rate exception of problem property or home owner. house  rent in ZubaThe price of house for rent in Zuba is high in some neighborhoods while it is low in others. To that which is high are neighborhood that are close to accessibility to social amenities and vice versa.

2. The space

The space is another factor for house rent in Zuba. Like I’ve pointed out earlier in this article about the capacities of space to rent. The one room goes for between 24,000 up to 40,000 (depending on neighborhood)at the time of writing this article. The self-contain/studio apartment goes for 45,000 up to 70,000. Stay informed on, call 07057654505 or revisit this site so that you can get a first hand of the available rent and its rent rate.

 3. The features of the accommodation

neighborhoods of house rent in ZubaFew home owners may build in more feature or do some upgrade on their property before putting it out for rent. This activity directly affects the price at which the space is rented for. According to their upgrade the rent is adjusted. This might be changing of the roof, ceiling, repainting, and other small upgrades. Furthermore, another reason the house rent in Zuba increases in rate is the size of the room. A landlord’s room size may be larger than its counterparts in the area. So, the home owner might want a compensation for his large-sized space in higher rent than others in the same neighborhood.

4. How tidy the environment is

A neat environment can attract renters, because of this some home owners has capitalized on it. Inflating the rent rate as they please. If a neighborhood is clean, people are naturally attracted to such neighborhood thus, affecting house for rent in Zuba.

5. Accessibility for house for rent in Zuba

How easy it is to get the basic amenities in a residence affects house rent in Zuba. Infact, it is usually a promotion on the property. The nearness to water source, longer hours of power supply, nearness to escape to work , the list goes on. Although this is not a serious affecting factor because, the basic amenities has not been supplied sufficiently enough to meet the demands of residents. This is why house for rent rate in Zuba is where it is. In addition, if you are new to Zuba(you’ve not lived here before have it in your minded that there is no pipe-borne water; people live on water from bore-holes and wells. The problem of available residential houses for rent in Zuba should not be underestimated. So, the stakeholders (landlords, home owners) should wake up to their responsibilities; the responsibilities of delivering a nearly perfect residential accommodation to the public; not only to sit back and enjoy the cash flow.   Get updated and rent a house in Zuba now. Call 07057654505 Thanks for reading this article. Was it helpful? comment and contribute in the review below. Like and share on facebook, twitter, Instagram and google+





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