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House for rent in Suleja town varies based on the neighbourhood. The neighbourhoods depends on the personalities living there and the type of personality it can attract. Although, changes often occur. Here, let’s look at what can make rent-rate differ with houses in Suleja. So, whatever information about rent-rate in this town written in this article is subjected to change but at the time of writing, the rate was accurate. To be precise about house for rent in suleja call (+234)806-308-4876 or go to our YouTube channel Zondrealestate to get a brand new information on that.  

1. The space

The common accommodation space found in this town are one-room self-content. This is a kind of space consist of a room space, plus a small kitchen and a combination of toilet and bathroom. This type of accommodation are usually patronized by young, single working men and women (employees). The second kind of space is 1-bedroom flat. This is a kind of space usually used by few single working men, and more of young families (with 2-3 children) or just married couples.   2-bedroom flat is a kind of accommodation that is a choice for growing families. Some affluent young families also go for this choice. It consist of all the content of 1-bedroom flat but with an additional room.   3-bed room flat is a kind of space suitably used by matured or bigger families. It is a rare type of accommodation. House owners rarely rent this type and because of the high cost of rents and for the fact that it takes a long time to rent out the space. With effect to this, it is then rarely available in the market compared to the others.

 2. The price

The price depends on space and nature of the neighbourhood which depends on the personality living in it. A single room and self-content(studio Apartment) goes for between 50,000 to 120,000(NG₦) for a year (As at the time of my writing this article). 1-bedroom goes for 150,000 to 250,000(NG₦)or more Annually. The 2-bedroom goes for 200,000 to 300,000 (NG₦) yearly. Then lastly, the 3-bedroom is yet another accommodation space that ranges from 250,000 up to 350,000(NG₦) or more; all depending on neighbourhood.

3. The state of hygiene in the surrounding

One of the common discouraging factor is the fact that some neighbourhood have their drainage channel busted. The inhabitants are not doing anything about it, neither will the government. NOT all neighbourhood has this busted/unplanned drainage system but something should be done about the existing ones.   Landlords should take responsibility as well as the tenants because this usually breeds mosquitoes or can cause a disease out-break in the neighbourhood. Not to talk of the offensive odor which makes a hygienic-conscious person uncomfortable. This has an effect on the potentiality to attract good renters in such areas. Although, this mess exist in high-rented neighbourhood which directly or indirectly has affected house for rent in Suleja.

4. Basic amenities: Light and water factor

This is one of the most requested needs by renters before paying for rent. If there is current flow of water in the neighbourhood, it affects the rent (the rent can be higher in neighbourhoods that has access to 24hrs water-flow). Electricity supply is also another concern in as much as the country has not been transmitting a constant electric supply. But it’s quiet, not much as to the need of water, because renters are adapting to the usual noise of an electric generator. Areas with a longer and more stable water and power supply than the other properties, stands the chance of higher rent-rate and quick rent-outs. These two factors can rent a space faster than any other factor because people want to focus more on the other things that is important to them like their work, pleasure, families and/or business.

5. Personality and value

The kind of people that live in a neighbourhood also affects the rent rate for people who want to (rent) live in that neighbourhood. The value of properties in such kind of neighbourhood is high, which directly affect the rent. If you want to take action; rent a house in Suleja,  watch out our video (we update every Tuesday and Friday) on YouTube: Zondrealestate for the latest – house for rent in suleja -(+234)806-3084-876. call this number  most especially to get the detail of its neighbourhoods. Thank you for reading this article. Do you find this information helpful, kindly give your comments and contributions. Don’t foget to share our post with your friends on you facebook, twitter and google+





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