What To Consider Before Renting A House Within The FCT Abuja

Just as I stated it What To Consider Before Renting A House within the FCT Abuja is crucial and contains tips that is dependable to the reader. We all know Emotions can and always have conflict with budget leading to ignorance of necessities; and afterwards, proceed into financial instability or crisis. But when you plan and adhere to it and also change some part if necessary, you could land into success in everything you do. Broken down into 7 Tips, The following are what to consider before renting a house within the FCT Abuja.                                          #1. The Distance from your work or business locations The distance between your residence to your business place should be considered. This is more important if you are employed, because it will prevent you from entertaining lateness to work. This also checks to help you to plan well. For instance a lot of people live in Suleja but work in the Abuja Metropolis. Some live in Guarka, Hahie and Gwazunu. These towns are much farther than some other surrounding town like Zuba, Kubwa Dei-Dei, Duste, Mpape and more. A serious employee or business man living in Suleja, Guaraka, Gwazunu or Hahie, who cares about his job or business, wakes earlier to hit the road on time before residents at Zuba, Madalla, Kubuwa, Dei-Dei and others. Know the distance that will enable you live comfortably before making a choice of rent and you will be grateful that you did so. This is the first point on what to consider before renting a house in FCT Abuja. what to consider before renting a house within the FCT Abuja. #2. Beat The Traffic In other to compliment the first point I made, Before you rent a house in any part within the FCT Abuja, I advice that you position yourself in such a way that will enable you to escape to work or business quickly. I used the word ‘quickly’ because traffic most times is inevitable. It’s something that one must encounter in one way or the other so long as you use the road. I observed that the number of cars on our roads are increasing drastically. This also indicates that one day, the traffic situation will be Hell. That notwithstanding is good for real estate investing and investments. Using a typical example; the route from Zuba through to the Abuja Metropolis are usually stocked with heavy traffic usually in the morning and late afternoon hours most especially if a vehicle breaks down on the road. Buy this time staffs, employees entrepreneurs are heavily transported. This example also applies to Nyanya – AYA route where on the other side, workers, business men and employees who work or do business in the metropolis also troop into the city. Traffic is also heavy at the morning and evening hours of the working days.   #3. Affordability- Assemble a budget This very part have everything to do with you, your spending habit, your taste and your income. There are rent that some people can afford but they attribute excuses to other external factors to be the cause of living below standard. To keep it straight, short and on point; analyze how much money you make a year take out your feeding and provision expenses. They budget what is left among your shelter and others. End up with an appropriate budget. It has proven that individuals who manage their resource very well make out the best of a very little money. So this is an activity left for you to do and that also is what you should consider before renting a house within the FCT Abuja.   #4. Hygienic Cleanliness is next to godliness. I have been hearing this for as long as my lifetime. It made more sense to me now in this topic. There are a lot of neighbourhoods but pick out the best that will be of great benefit to your health. I say this because every now and then we hear about a disease outbreak. So when you live in a clean environment, it would be difficult for any disease to break out. In addition, it is very embarrassing to pay money(rent) only to be rewarded with sickness(from your environment). I also know that the government should regulate, sanitize and supervise but we ourselves can do something to help the situation of environmental hygiene.   #5. Cost of day to day living Towns that surround the FCT Abuja, has different personalities living within it. Out of all of them find one that suite you taste and affordability. This is actually the second part of budgeting form the #tips 3. What to consider before renting a house within the FCT Abuja is your pocket and that should be taken seriously or else there will always be a financial crisis in your household. Things are quite cheaper in Suleja because there is a huge IBB market in it. Fruits and auto spare parts are quiet cheaper in Zuba because there’re big dealers there; and so on.   #6. the Neighbourhood When you find a town that is suitable according to some of the Tips listed in this article, then it will be time to select neighbourhood. But have in mind that neighbourhood contribute to your life so make out time to observe neighbourhoods. It may also interest you to know that not all neighbourhood has full access to water and power supply. Make sure you ask questions.   One last thing What to consider before you rent a house within the FCT Abuja is also dependent on your impression. When you find a place, the last thing that you should consider before handing payment should be the impression that the place made to you. Coming into a new place can be very uplifting. I think You must like what you see around the area and how you feel before considering payment. The first impression matters but know also that first impression can be deceiving sometimes. But what can’t deceive you is your instinct. Listen to yourself. Naturally, one part of a human’s mind judges what he observes. Most times the mind is right and vice versa. So look very well and ask a lot of questions, for no one will jail you for doing that. Secondly, so long as life exist, there must always be a problem. Inasmuch as a place you think a residence is good, there must be a problem associated with the environment. For instance an environment might be good but the weather might be horribly hot or a lot of mosquitoes and many others that is not been control or beyond human control. So, it will be very good if you learn how to manage these problems or find a way to cut it down buy 70% or more, than looking for a 100% perfect residence. Do you want to rent a house within the FCT or its neighbouring towns? Pick your phone and call me on this number (+234 8063 084 876) Thank you for reading this article. You comments, contributions or questions are also welcomed. 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