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In this very first Episode, there are various types of accommodations for rent within the neighbourhoods of Zuba town located in Gwagwalada area council of the Fct Abuja. Check out details of Neighbourhoods in Zuba. Even though the Zuba town is popularly known for transportation, fruits and auto-spare part market, it has sheltered so many individuals working and doing business within the FCT Abuja; students, traders, travelers and more.   The houses for rent The most types of accommodations available this week on house for rent in zuba Abuja 08063084876 are: One room apartment This is a single room where tenants share a common bathroom and toilet within the same compound. This kind of space rent between =N=35,000 to =N=45,000 (depending usually on the Neighbourhood). The Zuba neighbourhood bears the highest rent and you could even get higher than =N=45,000. The second ranking is the Ikwa Neighbourhood and then followed by the Yimi. Neighourhood.   One room self-contain This kind of space is available and consist of a room with a toilet and Bathroom attached to it. Tenants in this kind of space don’t share their toilets and bathrooms unlike the one room apartment. It rents for anywhere between =N=45,000 up to =N=60,000 (also depending on the neighbourhood). The lowest prices are found within the innermost neighbourhood and the higher rent are found in the neighbourhoods close to the Abuja-Kadunna express way.   One bedroom flat This space consist of a living room, a bed room, toilet & bathroom and a kitchen. This rent for about =N=90,000 up to =N=130,000 (as usual, rent also depends on the neighbourhood).   Two bedroom Flat Just like the one bedroom flat but this space consist of one living room (parlor), two bed rooms, a kitchen, toilet and bathroom. The rent rate is between =N=120,000 up to =N=150,000 or more. The price also depends on the neighbourhood you want. See different neighbourhoods in Zuba.   Contact us now on Do you want one of these space for rent? do you want further information on house for rent in Zuba Abuja 08063084876? please call this number +234 (0)8063084876 Join us on whatsapp on 09027291154 (strictly for whatsapp only) You can also send us a special request using this form
    When you contact us for house for rent in Zuba Abuja 08063084876, we will schedule a time together for showing you the place that is available for rent (so, endeavor to give us a valid contact of you). Please note that you will be required to pay the subsequent AGENT FEES and other information will  also be relayed to you.   One last thing I cannot assure you of availability of electricity due to the instable electricity supply that is common all-over the country. And also water supply, read what I have written about it in Neighbourhoods in Zuba. The security of the neighbourhoods are not under alarm, but that does not mean you should not personally secure your belongings; there are thieves everywhere so long as humans exists there. With this, we have come to the end of house for rent in Zuba Abuja 08063084876. Please your comments and questions are also important. Do include them. Thank you for reading till this point.





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