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Welcome to the first episode of house for rent in Suleja town, (08063084876); Brought to you by In this episode, there are various houses that are available for rent in Suleja town.

Once again you are welcome to House for rent in Suleja town. 08063084876

For the benefit of your understanding, I will discuss the space available; at what price they rent for; the neighbourhood and what basic amenities that are reachable in such neighbourhoods, and many other valuable information that are necessary for your descision making.

Let’s get going on the house for rent in Suleja town


The various space of accommodation available for rent are ranging from in the house

  • One room apartment: This consist of a room where the tenant shares a common bathroom and toilet with other tenants within the building. In some situations there are more than a single toilet& bathroom available for use for conveniences.
  • One room self contain: This type of accommodation is available too. It consist of a room, some corner for kitchen, a bathroom & toilet.
  • 1 Bedroom flat:This kind of accommodation is also available and consist of a room and sitting room, kitchen, toilet and bathroom. In rare cases, there will be a store attached to it.
  • 2 Bedroom flat: This, like the one bedroom flat has all the its content but this time with an additional bedroom.
  • 3 Bedroom flat: this kind of accommodation is sometimes rare, but it’s available. In case if this is the kind of accommodation you are looking for, then you should send me a special request detailing the information with clarity so that you could be the first person I will call or contact if such kind of accommodations comes up.


# Prices

The prices of house for rent in Suleja town 08063084876 is dependent on the neighbourhood and the quality of the building. That is why I will group the prices.

The one room apartment rents for between N40,000 to N50,000.

The one room-self-contain rents for between N60,000 up to N100,000. ]

One bedroom flat rents for between N150,000 up to N200,000.

The 2 bedroom flat rents for between N200,000 up to N300,000.

The 3 bedroom flat rent for between N300,000 up to N350,000.


# Neighbourhood

Most of the houses for rent in Suleja town 08063084876 episode 1 features accommodation from the Yaro-college neighbourhood, the Bakin-Iku neighbourhood and Suleiman-Barawo road neighbourhoods.

In these neighbourhoods, you can find 24 hours water supply, average roads and finally the electricity supply is what I cannot assure you of although there have been a better supply of it but at the end of the day it is never stable and the promise of stabilizing the power supply is like a long tale that can never ends. So I hope you find a solution that will take care of power supply for you.


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