Residential Real Estate In Suleja Town

Residential real estate in Suleja is huge giant. If you have lived in this town up to 8 years, you will perceive it the way i do. Suleja town is located North-West of Abuja Metro. It is found in the Suleja Local Government Area of Niger state. It takes approximately 30-40 minutes drive or more from the Abuja metro area(depending on traffic). Madalla, Gauraka, Hahie, and Gwazunu towns are very close neighboring towns of Suleja. Suleja is favorable to its residents form their view of residential properties and living Unlike any other neighboring towns of Abuja. In respect to residential real estate in suleja town, let’s look from the following perspective Residence The most commonly residential property types are bungalow, multi-unit rental apartments with varieties of space such as studio apartment (self contain), blocks of 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bed room flats; few duplexes, and few story-building. With over ten neighborhoods, hundreds of streets and avenues, it’s still expanding. residential real estate in suleja town (2)Commonly rented residential spaces are 1,2,3─bedroom flat, Self-contain rooms, single rooms and 2 room apartment. Houses such as bungalows, row of flats and family house (private residence) are commonly for sale in this town. Majority of the houses for sale are not brand new.   Properties rent in tens and hundreds of thousands…see more on house rent in Suleja, while residential properties sell in millions and tens of millions. Economically, it tends to be favourable and comfortable for people working and doing business in the FCT. Prices of goods and services supports average and a-way-above average (high) standard of living. Since most of its inhabitants are small business owners and employees, many businesses can strive if well positioned in a great location. Residents residents in residential real estate in suleja townThe major inhabitants are traders (this constitute the highest percentage). I often refer to them as small business owners. Few trades common goods and services at the Abuja metro area; others at Dei-Dei deals on building materials, while those at Zuba deals on auto-spare parts. Irrespective of the fact that they are dealers and/or suppliers in both low key level or in a higher level, they are successful in their respective trades. They buy land and develop it and drive cars they want. So, to me, business are doing very well. The second category of people are employees. These are people working within the town and people working at Metro city and nearby towns. These people work either for private sector or for the government. These people are also increasing in population because of the more referral from friends and families recommending the town for living. The third category of people in this area are the local people(the indigenous people). They are traders, employees and business people. In terms of Social amenities; there is pipe borne water, average electricity supply(unstable) the internal routes are not yet OK. Most of the roads are still under construction. residential realestate in suleja townThere are several religious places with few hotels and guest houses. No real entertainment center, but with a lot of kiosk and restaurants. However, with the rapid construction of shopping plazas, new things are coming into various neighborhoods Trending growth The fast rate of growth more especially in few neighborhoods are climbing. New residential development pop up almost everyday. For instance when I was younger, like approximately 9 years back, we used to look at this view that was filled with trees. The only thing we can see in this view is a slim line which is the road linking the field base neighborhood and the kadunna express road. After moving out of the area for more than 6 years ago. Then I decide to pay a visit to that same spot and behold I could not believe what I was seeing. Take a look residential real estate in suleja town within 9yearsThis made me confident that the kind of population that Suleja will have in the nearest future might double the present. In the image above within the red line was usually dark with very small amount of developments in the view. See what is looks like and if you watch out in the next few years, it might further extend; I’m sure it will. Opportunities residential real estate in suleja town-quotesSince the town accommodates people working/doing business in Abuja and its surrounding town; the expansion will further extend; population will continue to climb; more businesses will be introduced and many other things both go and bad will happen. I became a family friend to a couple I happen to know after rendering a service, we started a discussion that led me to ask them where they relocated to Suleja, what she (the wife) told me was that “the cost of living is too high for their budget, so we have to find a solution before we go bankrupt”. So many people have equal reason for moving into the town. Finally At the time of my writing, a new auto-spare market is being constructed along the Suleja─Madalla route. Because of this, the real estate that is currently appreciating will further appreciate. Smart people will get more. A lot of businesses will be done and many more opportunities will uncover Thank you for reading this article. Please, include your comments and contributions in the review box below  





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