Real Estate Investors Are Needed

No great real estate accomplishment is achieved without Partnership directly or indirectly that is the why real estate investors are needed at Zond Real Estate. Inasmuch as selling and renting of real estate is concern, our mission is rooted and based on real estate investing.

A lot of work is waiting to be done in the real estate market. Also, entrepreneurs have their role to play in various accept of business. As we work hard towards our business objectives, we’re also interested if individual Investor(s) are willing to partner with us on one of our upcoming investment deals.

This is the real deal. Real estate investors are needed for making the world a better place to live. That is another way I perceive it. If I can buy a property, manage it and make it solve other peoples problem, then make money out of it and simultaneously increase in value.

Real estate investors are needed to seize opportunity that we see everyday. Real estate investors are needed to be enriched with valuable property investments that has a good cashflow and potential increase in value. We need real estate investor to partner with in good deals that with a reasonable NOI and ROI. I am a real estate investor from Nigeria. The real estate market over here has not been fully optimized. I see so many opportunity because I’ve trained my eyes to see it. Let me introduce you to my organization.

Our mission

Zond real estate holds a mission ‘to create suitable and reliable accommodations for all’. A lot of things have been ignored in residential real estate. At a time I became sick and tired of what is lying waste. That boiled me up with passion and a mission to create the best in residential real estate. So, this mission originated from the heart of a real founding mind.

Our business objectives

Our business objectives are to acquire, develop or renovate/ upgrade rental investment properties. Out of being hungry to create something better, this organization is focused on any possible means to utilize space, expand capacity, develop facilities; increase profitability and value; and then to improve by far such investment properties in a way like never before. With this, real estate investors are need to accomplish it.

On our team, whatever we set to achieve is what we achieve. This is exactly why it is in our fashion to create good partnership with good partners on our real estate investment deal.

Are you a real estate investor partner? Please contact us. Good deals come across my table most times, you could get a first hand information about them.

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Our target

Our targeted vision is to be the ”No. 1 very successful and distinguished property development company in Africa” in few years from 2015.

Like I said, anything is possible in real estate investing. That is why real estate investors are needed. We are tearing down the fence of impossibility to reach for greater heights and subsequently touch and change lives forever. Join us.


One last thing

Our core-values remains focus, tenacity, consistency, sincerity and the fire to expect the best, be the best and go after the best. We also hope to attract these qualities in our potentials real estate investors (partnership) for a good partnership to work out.

Thank you for reading. Please include your questions in the review below.

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My name is Uzondu Chigozie a.k.a Zondre. I am a real estate entrepreneur and Entertainer. In the world of Real estate, Entertainment, Motivation and in Life, I hope to be a positive contributor to you, so join me explore the world and make it better than we've found it. Thank you for checking me out!!!

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