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The situation of real estate finance in Nigeria can be accountable. The question is to what? I like to see it this way. Ignorance, unstable employment with lack of financial literacy.

The idea that my property can be financed in Nigeria is something that is impossible for some people to believe because of their ignorance, philosophies even if they’ve heard the information that it is available to them.

This often takes it root from the perception that debt is bad. Perhaps a lot of individuals believe that. People need to know how to operate with debt and learn how it works this will encourage a lot of business and make real estate finance in Nigeria competitive.

The aim of this article is to enlighten people who don’t know that they can get real estate finance in Nigeria. For the benefit of reaching out, I will look at the topic in 3 objective views



People don’t know. This country is filled with a lot of potentials. The climbing population, with the government and private sectors efforts to create a stable and reliable employment for the population.

Even if they are aware they are saturated with problem 2 (finance illiteracy and unemployment) I am not saying that financing is for everyone, No. For someone to get financing he/she has to be qualified. Real estate financing is meant for those who will make the most out of it and have the funds repaid. Since people have to be qualified before granting access to it; then it is up to you to prepare yourself read everything you can before getting yourself in. By education yourself about real estate finance in Nigeria, you will be able to make financing useful to you.


This is a combination of two point. If you have a mortgage there should be (if not already) a means of income to take care of the liability because that is what it is to you. To the bank it’s an asset. You have to pay back. That is where I’m bringing in employment as a source of income or any entrepreneurial activity that generates money.

Initially all time grate entrepreneur have worked for earned income (just like their employees do) before turning that earned income into portfolio or passive income by leveraging their ideas. For you to acquire real estate financing in Nigeria there has to be some sort of income or potential income source to pay back the debt.

Since the country’s employment situation is not something that can be unstable sometimes, it has made raising money very difficult. The only solution to this is to invent creativity into dealing with the problem. If you seek real estate financing in Nigeria you have to come up with creative ways that will pay up your loan.

Most times the efforts and energy it will take to solve this problem has to propagate over a period of time; in this period it will save time and misunderstanding if we learn to solve the number 3 problem.


Financial illiteracy is another hindering challenge real estate finance has in Nigeria. Correcting it could make our world a better place. Most people don’t know the difference between their income and net income, not to talk of an investments’ cap rate or ROI.

Financial education is not taught in school. It is up to the individual to learn it. there are intelligent people but most of them are ignorant when it comes to finances and how to manage it. this is actually why few people invest in real estate. They are also people who are financially literate but the fear of failure stops them from moving forward due to the influence of negative stories they’ve heard about loan defaulters.

Real  estate Finance in Abuja

Where to find real estate financing in Abuja

I have writing to details about mortgage banks that are available in Abuja (use this link to see more) These companies could help you finance your real estate property both privates and as corporate organization.

If we are willing to learn, ignorant will never be a part of us. If we can turn earned income into passive or portfolio income and learn to do what is expected of us; then we will reach the goal of making the world a better place to live.

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