Must Have For A Commercial Property

A commercial building in Nigeria is a place that often attracts people. There are must have for a commercial property to make it very useful to people who spend their time in it. making it useful is equal to selling out successfully. The major activities in this kind of commercial buildings are mainly for the purpose of making money; That is: where business transactions takes place. Commercial buildings consist of shopping plazas, shopping mall, office buildings, banks and more.

The burden boils down to the developer that is responsible for developing the property and all his team members that are involved in the project. Planning and the key team members of the planning is the major determinant of success.

A case study is the typically way most of the shopping plazas are constructed in Abuja. it reveals the lack of concern the developers have for the users of the developments. That is the major reasons that I wrote this article, to enlighten aspiring developers who want to develop commercial properties and what they should incorporate into their plan.

I will discuss 4 Must have for a commercial property especially in Nigeria.

#1. Location

Location is key. If your commercial property is in a bad location, it will definitely cost you money. In some cases, with time the location could turn up. But in worse cases, no matter how much you spend on that location, it is just a bad location. It will pay off if the developer takes the time to choose a good location if not the best. With the best location anything is possible.

In Abuja for example, there are places that just need about 5 years and the area that was once a forest will become a great real estate target for buyers. The fact is that even the place don’t look good at the time of purchase, sooner or later it will turn out to be a great investment. What it takes is to study the location and understand the curve. Then will you be able to differentiate the hot and cold places.

#2. Ease of circulation

As the second must have for a commercial property, If a developer gets a good location and builds on it a clustered compartment(space) without initially planning, then the property will not give the maximum comfort that it is expected to. Very soon a better property will be in the market and which will definitely draw out your tenants. So, making out plan for easy circulation will go a long way to retaining a relationship of loyal customers. And also competition will have no strong grip on your property. So be the best and remain the best.

#3. Accessibility

The third most important must have for a commercial property is to be accessible. Very important. If a building is not accessible people will definitely find it difficult to always come to that kind of building. leading to your clients losing a lot of customers and at the end they decide to stay or leave; of which leaving is not good for real estate commercial property.

Making your building accessible is including as much essential features as possible such as parking, security, navigation, a good linked general area, multiple exit and entry, installation and running of more than one lift and many more.
must have for a commercial property

#4. Intuitive way finding

The last must have for a commercial property that I will discuss is that your commercial property must have intuitive way finding. This is like a self help navigation. People must not be lost trying to a find way to where they are going which is often embarrassing. In cases of emergency, it could be dangerous as people will want to find an alternative way out. Way finding is a way that people naturally finds their way out of a building (especially in a large building). One of the ways it can be achieved is by labeling doors(where they lead to).


Nigerian commercial properties have not been strongly reviewed. Potential developers should be enlightened to make sure that what is produced for public usage is well thought out. By including these 4 must have for a commercial property you will stand a chance of selling beyond expression. And your brand will become well known in the market.

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