House For Sale In Zuba Abuja

In this first episode of House For Sale In Zuba Abuja Episode 1(08063084876), I’ll share with you houses waiting to be sold in the property market of Zuba, Fct Abuja.

The property market can be a very complicated; that is why we’ve taken the time to sieve the pro form the cons. Take a little tour of the Zuba neighbourhood if you don’t really know much about it. Categories of house for sale in Zuba Abuja There are different categories of house for sale in Zuba Abuja. I have to be very honest with you. The fact is that the market always change. What will be in market today for sale may be sold the next minute and that’s it; while others sit there for a long time before the right buyer shows up to buy. Nevertheless, there are certain type of properties that are mostly available. For this episode, I will categorize them into two.
  • Completed houses
  • Yet to complete houses
                                  #1. Completed houses These are properties (houses) that are completely built and have been used or being used. Most of this type of category are already used building. There are also new houses for sale but they’re rear and sometimes unavailable. These type of houses are found within the Zuba, Ikwa, and Yimi neighbourhoods. There are not usually in a constant variety like 1,2,3 bedroom for sale. These houses sell form N3.5Million naira upwards. Some of it is as high as N25 million naira for the reason of larger capacity (multi-rental units)   #2. Yet to complete houses This type of property is the kind that the initial developers (owners) are unable to finish and now needs to sell in other to satisfy a pressing financial need. We take our time to ask alot of necessary questions unbehave of the buyer. So when a buyer comes in he or she will be required to complete the project before using them. These properties are as good as getting the best match for your needs. They sells from N3 million Naira upwards. Don’t forget that the price depends on the neighborhood which the property is situated. Do you have a question? What do you need in a house to buy?   Contact Us Now to schedule a time for showing you some of the houses for sale Call 08063084876 Send us a request of your needs below and we will make sure you’re contacted soon.
  We have your good at heart Buying a house is something that we take seriously because it involve Your money and time. We’re not out to waste any of them. Our team will ensure that you’re fed with the right information once you are ready to buy one. We will make sure that the house you buying is well researched and investigated before money exchanges hands to avoid unnecessary troubles. We long to retain a good relationship with all our buyers for much longer time. Your satisfactions is what we look out for. Note: we will periodically release a new episode of House For Sale In Zuba, Abuja; so click here to link you to the latest release. Thanks for reading to this point.  





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