Filling Station for Sale in Abuja 2017 Updated

Previously I have written about fuel stations available in Abuja for sale, but in this article Filling station for sale in Abuja 2017 Updated is the most recent information about petrol stations or fuel stations or gas stations for sale in Abuja and surrounding. I also made a video about it check it out on YouTube Zondre E!

I want to reecho an idea and that which is: filling station irrespective of if you are buying as a company is very indispensible asset. Especially in a growing economy; well on this topic I have a detailed explanation on this article best time to buy a filling station check out what I mean by that.

Moving straight to the reason for this article, there are lots of filling station for sale in Abuja. Investors know that filling station is a viable asset in Nigeria. All the filling station listed on this site is available and is situated on the roads where there is an easy drive in for the customers; a viable market for the owners/operators and finally it’s in a situation where upgrades can be done.

The lists of filling Station for sale in Abuja 2017 Updated are as follows

#1 Filling station for sale in Abuja 2017 updated

Located at Kubwa Abuja; It has 10 pumps, two-one storey building, over 200,000 liters of storage tanks, with a high market viability and also a projected income of about N250Million (naira) annually (depends on the operation it can be up to or less).

The asking price is N2.5 Billion Naira. This is a very large filling station.


#2 Filling Station for sale in Abuja 2017 updated

Located at Lugbe Abuja it has about 8 pumps, over 150,000 liters storage of petroleum products, with a projected income of about N133million naira annually. Within the station there are also a functional car wash, retail shops, lubrication and service bay

For the asking price of N300 Million Naira

#3 Filling Station for sale in Abuja 2017 updated

Located at Abuja-Kaduna express way, it consists of 8 pumps, 33,000 liters storage tanks of DPK, AGO and PMS (for each). With a projected income of over N100 million naira annually(depending on the operation), it is going for the asking price of N300 million naira.

#4 Filling Station for sale in Abuja 2017 updated

Located also at Abuja-Kaduna express way, with only 6 pimps and also a same storage capacity as #3 above and goes for the asking price of N250 million naira

#5 Filling Station for sal in Abuja 2017 updated

Located near Jehre, with 8 pumps and a good market viability and over 100,000 liters of storage tanks and with an asking price of N280 illion naira

Are you interested?

Are you or your company interested in the purchase of any of these filling stations? Or do you want to go into partnership by renting and operating any of these filling stations for 5years or more? If yes, then contact us here or call the phone number right Now 08063084876.

So that we can begin the process of showing you these filling stations and leave you to make your choice but before you make your choice I want to you to go through this article the best time to buy a filling station. Watch us on our YouTube Channel.

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