Make Your Real Estate Project A Winning Sell

Estate housing project can be a winner, selling almost every development before construction ever finished. As you already know: that undertaking a real estate project or development is known for coming up with its own challenges and troubles along the way of getting it done.

Although I am drawing close near to do my first development project. I think from the works I’ve observed, real estate developers has similar knowledge on how to make your estate project a winning sell and that will be the details of our discussion below. If you’re new to real estate business then add this to your knowledge base.
In the following few steps are how to make your real estate project a winning sell.

# Acquire a Reliable Team

All successful real estate investors/developer relies on teams’ effort. that is a fact which makes it our No.1 of how to make your real estate project a winning sell. They always delegate and manage properly. Inasmuch as they trust their team, they also verify their credibility and work ethic.

That is the same thing you’re expected to do as a developer/investor. Remember, your team members are human beings. They need to be often motivated, supervised and carried along; which is the responsibilities of the leader.

Team are replica of you working hard to achieve your goal. Hire the best team and watch them. Your team could involve Partners, accountants, attorney, builders, contractors, architects, bankers, securities, labourers supervisors, surveyors and many others.

When you have a good team on ground there is a high probability that your real estate project will be a winning sell.

# Act on your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

As your team is working hard on your development site with every efforts to meet target and schedule; your marketing team should focus on utilizing the USP in the sales and marketing of your developments. That is why I’ve rated it the second in the roll of how to make your real estate project a winning sell. It is a simple task. Just find out something very luring, beneficial, attractive and compelling features of the development. If is not appealing to buyers then you don’t have a USP.

Some instances of the USP’s you can use depending on the availability of it on your property and how scarce or rare it could be in the area are: in a drive-by location; spaciousness, car parking, security and safety, constant power supply, closeness to employment or working place and more. You must see a need in the area and beat that need.

Don’t forget that your buyers or prospective buyers want to know a reason to buy what you are offering them and at a price. If you and your team are unable to supply these needs, then selling could be difficult.

# Create Attractive Packages

Make your sales flexible. To other parts of the world there are possibilities of good mortgage. But in some country like Nigeria, only few people ever get to know what mortgage is and very few of them qualify for it. This is caused by high rate of financial illiteracy.

You should figure out means to sell out. Create a means for interested buyer to access financial assistance. There are people who really love what you offer but have no means to put up 100% of financing. This is where your creativity as a business person to find a way out for this kind of customers.

Creativity sells. It puts you in the front of your game.


# Focus Everyone

When stacks are high, Pressure is high. The end product goal should lead you and your whole team. Deal with every problem and take it away from the distracting your team. That brings us to the third factor to make your real estate project a winning sell.

How this can be achieved is by consistent communication with every key members of your team and holding meeting to check on the progress so far with projection for the completion of the stage ahead. It is very easy to be distracted when you’re trying to get things done. Most times distractions comes from your immediate team members. watch out make sure everyone is on course.

The way to succeed at this is by asking yourself questions like “Is it what I should be doing now?’ ‘what is the largest challenge my team is facing in this project and how can I take it off the way and how fast can it take?’

Finally get ready for problems.
When they come because they must surely come look at the problems positively, objectively and think about the solutions. Focus you team then find a way to take the whole operation off the problem. That is really your job as the leader.

These are what every real estate developer of investor should inscribe into his plan. probably this is how to make your  real estate project a winning sell.

I will also love to hear your comments and contributions. Thanks for reading.





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