The Best Time to Buy a Filling Station

Time is a very important factor in business that is why I think the best time to buy a filling station should be given a good thought. Although I made a video on this topic but I think writing about it is also helpful. There is time for everything but I want to point out that there are best times for anything especially in business.

Filling station is very important in literally any country but in the kind of economy we’ve found ourselves is worth thinking ‘is it’s a right move on purchase?’

From my own point of view, three factors govern the decision of the best time to buy a filling station and that follows

  • Recovery in Progress
  • Downturn advantage
  • The growing steam

Recovery in progress

The first factor that determines the best time to buy a filling station is really taking advantage of the current recovery process in the country. As the government is doing all they can at the moment to ensure that the good economic days return, that is a sign that the country is going to get more business to do in the nearest future.

One thing we should have in mind is that the economy goes in cycle. It goes up and down and the cycle is repeated. That should tell us that the present economic situation is not permanent. That make now the best time to buy a filling station.

Downturn Advantage

The market is fair. That is you can literally consider the purchasing price of a filling station to the return annually. If you use debt to buy, it is redeemable in 30 months of operation or less. A lot of sellers are offering their property (filling station) for a price that is not possible in the next 12 months time or more.

With this it makes it an excellent time to get into ownership of a filling station. Check out some of them here

Another point I want to make here is that recovering your initial income is possible within 24 months (if you bought all cash). Its very obvious that the best time to buy a filling stations is now. Don’t you think?

The growing steam

This is actually my favorite.  Check the rate of population growth in the country. Check the rate of urbanization in the country. Then you consider the rate of city expansion everywhere. Don’t you think that fending for the demand of this population will outstretch the current suppliers?

Secondly, have you considered what Mr. Aliko Dangote, President of The Dangote Group is building in Lagos? Of course the largest refinery on African soil and by the time it’s completed (in 2018 which is just some few months away) it will fend for the country’s need of petroleum products.

So what do you think? Well as for me this is defiantly the best time to buy a filling station. If you are thinking what am thinking why you not click here to check out some filling stations for sale.

Now I want to hear your thoughts please make a your comments below, ask your questions lets share ideas

Thank you for reading this article hope you will find other article delightful






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