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It’s unfortunate that home owners exhibits a nonchalant approach towards their property. But investors fail to understand the root success of real estate investment in Abuja. Most of the residential properties in Abuja and it neighboring towns are out of date and been neglected is not very good attitude. I am really impressed with the job the Developmental Control (DC) is doing in ensuring that home owners were held responsible and adequately penalized if they fail to comply to update their properties.

The need and benefits

Updating a property means to transform an outdated property to look mordenized, by adding, editting, removing, or change it part(s) and physicque. I will suggest some common ways that residential properties can be updated Scraping and repainting which is the act of removing the old weak paints on the wall, reinforcing the wall and recoating it with a fresh paint. Reroofing. This is the removal of old rusted roofs so as to replace them with a new mordern roof. Landscaping. this can be done by changing the apperance of the area of the land surrounding the property like distributing the level of land in a uniquely, planting and replanting of flowers and trees etc Changing the fixtures. This I mean changing things like doors, window and flooring etc. There are residential properties at Zuba, Suleja, Madalla, karimo, Duste, Kubwa, Wuse, Area 1 and other parts of Abuja metropolis with every necessary reason to update the property but then are ignored by the owners.

See benefits why you have to update residential property you own and how it will impact real estate investments in Abuja


Beauty enhanced

Just like a woman does makeup and then look exceptionally better than previously, so it to a residential property. With the updates on the property, the glory of the building when it was newly constructed comes back. That is a real cosmetics which appeal to a sense of beauty and the residents feel fresh emotionally.

More value added

The value of the property perceived before the update will not be the same thereafter. With a quality and total updates, a property can add 10-20% of values if not more. so your real estate investment done in Abuja will be positively affected.

Becomes desirable

If the owner of this property is intending to sell it, then more buyers can be attracted to bid on the property. Because of the update, people will want to get their hands on it which might enable it to sell faster than planned.

People and Businesses are attracted

If a property is updated, you will observe that more people are attracted especially if the property is a commercial property. An updated property attracts more business to itself giving that property more responsibility.

More productivity

A building can be more productive if they are updated. The productivity are in areas of capacity, profitability, utility, and suitability. Should I end with this comment: “Updating a property makes a difference.”   In Conclusion, The benefits of updating real estate cannot be underestimated. If you have what it take, go ahead and update that residential property then watch how your real estate invesment in Abuja will grow to a reasonable level. Good luck.  opportunities in real estate investments in abuja Thank you for reading this article. Please, include your comments and contributions below.





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