Opportunities In Suleja Residential Real Estate Investment

What the future holds no one knows, but by various activities going on now can tell what could likely happen if you know the opportunities in Suleja residential real Estate investment. Suleja is a town I have lived in for 15 years. I have been observing the real estate and noticed a significant expansion over time. New neighbourhood are created; land worth hundreds of millions have been sold and developed; houses have been built, updated, sold and resold; and also population has drastically increased and still increasing. People migrated to Suleja because they feel safe, there is water in the town, generally it is a cool place in addition to many other reasons I found out from residents. Take a look at some of the turning moment that directly or indirectly expands opportunities in suleja residential real estate investment to do better in the nearest future.

1. The miracle of DEMOLITION  

Ever since the major demolition by the Developmental control DC (a governmental agency), occurred in some of the major parts of FCT, the unsheltered individuals and families searched and found a dwelling place in Suleja residential . Businesses were killed, some suffered, others strived to be bigger and better while new opportunities came up. Population climbed. Banks are coming in the get a slice of the pie.

2. The IBB market

If you were in the IBB market about 10 years ago you will observe that much has changed now. Business is no longer done within the boundaries of the market. Business has extended beyond the capacity. The population on foot in the market is now a new traffic. The market attract people from Abuja Metro, and its neighbours to itself. Opportunities In Suleja Residential Real Estate Investments Suleja is one of the towns that generate the highest revenue for the government through IBB Market. This exponential growth means something good for residential real estate to me.

3. Traffic

The inflow and outflow of people sometimes hit up during the morning and evening hours on working days. People are going out for work and for their businesses. While others are coming in to do business(to and fro) Abuja metro, Kubwa, Dei-Dei, Zuba and other neighbouring towns. More cars are bought by the residents, which means business is growing and promotion coming in. Opportunities In Suleja Residential Real Estate Investment

4. A new market is been constructed

Just the other day, I was in a taxi along Rafinsanyi heading to Suleja; on my right, there it is a brand new proposed Auto-spare part market been constructed. IBB market is expanding, and a new auto-spare market is coming up. That I think is good for residential business because more people will want to reside in Suleja. If you doubt it see for yourself in the next couple of years. a new Opportunity that will Improve Suleja Residential Real Estate Investment

5. The population is growing

Although, I could not lay a hold on the raw information on the population from the previous census on the town during the last population census. But over time, I have observed that a situation that used to take less time is taking more time. Like the traffic on the route between Suleja all the way to beggar. It takes longer for you to get your car through. The market(IBB) is a place that the traffic on foot alone is so difficult nowadays to go through, talk less of automotive traffic within the market area, including the logistic trucks parked which are probably been offloaded along the way. All this is a sign of growing population.

6. Increasing number of shopping plaza

The way that shopping plazas are erected almost in different neighbourhood, more especially, in the Yaro-college neighbourhood (the fastest growing neighbourhood) and others is something very exciting to me. The existing one are torn down and rebuilt to be more stronger and better. I feel happy whenever I see a new project going on. shopping plaza Despite what I’m seeing, I think that the best is yet to come because we’ve only seen better. These are inviting signs for property developers (real estate investor) to see beyond the physical and get ready to create new things into the residential world of real estate.  

 My opinion

With all the above stated factors, to me I see a future of a bigger residential real estate market where there are so many opportunities in suleja residential real estate investment; more neighbourhoods will be created in some undeveloped prime locations that I will not rather mention. More land spaces will be utilized for residential developments. More creative ways will be induced to create employment, businesses, more market and more residential sales. Generally, I see a much more better residential real estate forthcoming. If you invest in real estate, it’s a good move to see what you can do now because people who had the opportunity to do so previously, decide not to; but now they needed it they discovered that it way too high above their present capability. This means the price is seriously climbing. Inclusively, if the growth is not well checked and control by the appropriate stake holders and the government, then as a result of success a new problem will be created. If you have what it takes to make a move see what you can do for yourself so that in the nearest future, you’ll be glad that you did something in the past. information is gold, residential real estate investment is the mine.   Thank you for reading this article. Hope you are informed. What do you think? Please I will appreciate if you include them on the review below.





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