3 Mindset For A Successful Property Investing

Mindset keeps us strong in face of challenges if you actually know what you want in your real estate career and get prepared to go after it. There are a lot of profitable opportunities in the real estate market in Nigeria; that is why I’ve develop 3 mindset that I currently apply to my own career as a real estate investor.

Real estate investing is my passion; it’s not just a topic that I write about but it is what I do everyday I wake up in the morning.

The 3 mindset for a successful property investing in Nigeria is as follows


# Stay Focused

What do focus mean to you? How can you get focused and remain within your focus until you achieve that which you’ve set out to achieve?

Follow One Course Until Successful” –Robert T. Kiyosaki

To me I prefer how Robert T. Kiyosaki described focus to be as Follow One Course Until Successful. Focus can help us to invest a lot of time and work in the right direction so as to achieve that which we set out to achieve or even exceed expectation. Focus can be distracted or frustrated. It has happen to me most of the time, but it is left to you to put yourself right back on track which was what I did and continue to do.

Then you have to be clear about what you want. Clarity is power. Right now, I recommend that you should write down a plan for real estate investing career. To keep your dream alive, and also to engage you in little activities that will lead to the achievement you have been nursing.

There is no time for intimidation. So before you can focus, the clarity of the goal must be already in existence. Your body, soul and spirit should be aligned and with the right kind of attitude you can break through.

# I’ve a goal. Do you?

There is always completion but that should not border you. With your focus in place, go for the goals. Set your goals and be accountable for it. these goals should be able to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. I have my goals, it helps me get things done and also keep moving me forward. I encourage you to take goals seriously and things will begin to take place in your career.

Take out time to study the market. It will also give you a strong hold in decision as you set and strive to achieve your goals. Nigeria with an enormously growing population is a nice market to enter. But it takes a diligent mind to find out where the gold lies. Common sense will set you apart from others.


#3. Anything is Possible

If you are diligent, hardworking, smart, honest and sincere with positive thinking attitude then anything is possible for you.

“You have to know a lot about what you’re doing”   Donald J. Trump

You make not be as smart as required but make sure you get someone who is smart and a person you can trust on your team; don’t forget to watch them. For anything to be possible you have to know how to apply leverage and team especially in real estate investing. If you stay focused and do the work required the word will be true for you as it was true to me.

Before anything becomes possible for you have to believe and think positively all the time. Most times the magnitude of a problem seems impossible to overcome. At this point the best thing you can do is to keep going and definitely you will get to a happy end. Nigeria is a very rich land for real estate investing. The problem is that lack of knowledge and fear has succeed in stopping some people. But they will never stop me. What about you?


These are some of the mindset I adopted when I initiated my real estate investment career. So, tell me which of these mindset do you think is applicable to you and why?






My name is Uzondu Chigozie a.k.a Zondre. I am a real estate entrepreneur and Entertainer. In the world of Real estate, Entertainment, Motivation and in Life, I hope to be a positive contributor to you, so join me explore the world and make it better than we've found it. Thank you for checking me out!!!

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