How we can solve the Problem of Power supply in NIgeria

How we can solve the problem of power supply in Nigeria is a topic that I will never stop talking about. It is something that I long to do something about as soon as I have a means. Nigeria is covered with a lot of possibilities. The challenges that people face today in this country is traced back to lack of motivated entrepreneurs to seized the opportunity and fill in the need, which really can be a huge money making machine for them as they proffer solution. I am interested in this topic because it has its own effect on real estate-my world. Power supply is one of those challenges that makes living sometimes horrible. The truth is that the need will continue to grow for the fact that there are going to be new buildings, in addition to an ongoing growth in population and economic development. Now the question is how can this happen. Let me say that “power is life” “power is development” “power is success” “Power is stronger economy” “power is good living”; I can go on and say much more of that to emphasize how important this power is and how we need to make it better. I follow Bill gates on twitter and he twitted something that I’m really interested in because it will really affect real estate positively if such a magnitude of investment is done in Nigeria. bill gates sugessive tweet on how we can solve our power supply problems The ultimate question remains how can we solve the problems of power supply? We are the only one that will tell ourselves the truth. But I want to share suggestions on How we can solve the Problem of Power supply in Nigeria   If you look around us you will discover countless sources of energy that is been lavished. The solar is not seriously utilized in this part of the world that we have in abundance. Or should I talk of the wind, or natural gas. So many ways investors can complement the effort of the government to better the lives of people, make some profit and provide jobs. Although, basically the raw materials in question is from nature, God don’t ask you to pay. I am really impressed on what Mr. Gates is doing in clean energy because that is what we need to do in this country, most especially in the FCT where there a rapidly growing population, more demand of shelter both for residence and businesses. Personally, I have my mind on this one. Let me talk about two abundant natural resource in our environment that can generate electricity. Solar Energy This is the most clean source of energy. Solar as we know is an energy derived from the sun. When you look intently into this we can create a power that can open new opportunities, new doors and new direction in the Nigerian economy. How we can solve the Problem of Power supply in Nigeria Which can contribute effectively to betterment of residential real estate. The challenges that faces solar energy is that there could be a reduced resource during wet season although technology are really working hard to develop that technology so as to produce more current with less. But for now I think is not a problem as there is an alternative to back it up and this alternative is what I will discuss in the next point   Wind Energy The wind energy is quiet underestimated in this part of the world, despite we have it also in abundant. Particularly in a place like Abuja where we have hills mountains and the like which has naturally created a platform for such kind of project(wind farm). how to solve our problem of power supply in nigeria This alone if well utilized can also open a kind of gate-way were new market are created in the power supply sector. In a country like Nigeria where every new thing is jumped into to stay ahead of the competition.   The solar and wind are not only the natural source of power. There is also the natural gas. This is something I believe to have a huge potential too. But the two power source I discussed earlier is a kind of source that we a can explore on a small scale as a privately owned and for commercial purposes. In conclusion, You as an investor can create a power plant utilizing two of this source discussed, to be supplied to a limited consumers most especially in the residential area. More so, as a privately owned, you can erect a solar plant in your residence to the capacity of you power consumption. With this, life could be better and heading to best. Let’s make residence experience great because that lies the best we deserve to live with. Thank you for reading this article. please your contribution is appreciated, include them in the review below





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