Make Your Apartment Bigger Than Its Actual Size

Don’t get me wrong. You are not going to modify the structure of your apartment before you will make it bigger. I will only discuss tips on how to make your apartment bigger than its actual size. You could apply these tips without bringing anything down. It required your little effort and nothing more. If these are done correctly there will be a big difference between from the apartment you use to know. Like I stated in a previous article why it is important to make your apartment bigger irrespective of the size

#1. Look for small couches,

There are couches minimized and strong enough to accommodate a chubby, heavy or fat person. There are a lot of them in the stores or market. You may not necessarily go look for them; you can contract the exact design you want and get it done. You can still acquire foldable chairs as auxiliary chairs for visitors if the need arises. In addition, buy few of the couch to avoid overcrowding the room. Avoid purchasing more because someone did so. Don’t overcrowd with furniture; Learn to be unique in taste, let others admire you instead.

#2. Look for moderate tables for your sitting room.

Some large glass table are desirable. There are mini tables that can match your couch and your painting. It could be challenging to know the furniture to match unless you have the talent of colour sensitiveness. You can go ahead and hire a good interior designer.

#3. Use light colored paint

Painting your wall with light-colors to brighten up the room. You can also choose plain design tiles for the floor with a deep colored materials such as wooden. Also with light colored tiles can also make a great effect. It will help to make the room more cool than busy.

#4. Use the magic of mirror.

Let me call Mirror an expansion tool. I bet you, give it a try. Fix Mirror on the whole wall (on one surface out of the four surfaces). This can make the room really large. I mean very large. Recently I visited Zenith bank and observe the effect in their counter area. If this can be applied to residential space, it could make that apartment outstanding.

#5. Buy moderate electronics for your home.

Some people are fund of using large-screen TV for their small apartment. I don’t think that is actually right. The best thing to do is to buy the screen size TV according to the viewer distance and space. Some of this could have side effect on the children we have at home. Don’t forget, Technology has made it easy for us to afford a multi-functional electronics that will keep us entertained. Make the best choice. Make a healthy choice and enjoy your space.

#6. Patronize art

Buy art work or flowers. Look for the size of art piece that suits your space, maybe a painting or a 2-diamension art piece that can be hanged on the wall. Art piece has a flavor it adds to your interior, I think that should be a serious consideration. I’m not leaving out flowers out. Find the colors that match with your furniture. I think flowers are the last thing you shop for. how to make your apartment bigger than its size.

#7. Get rid of unwanted or idle belongings

You will as well qualify some of your belonging to stay or leave. Score your other little properties according to their contribution to your everyday life. If they are not contributing to your everyday life then, send them out. Give it out or sell them! But if they are useful once in a while, then get it out of site find a good and undisturbed accommodation for them; so that they would be accessible whenever the need of their service arise. By doing this you free up some useful spaces.  

One Last Thing

If you have done these things, look around and tell me how the look is? I guess great. Then click here to see what you stand to benefit of making your apartment bigger than its actual size. Check out other informative and related articles on residential real estate, available for rent and for sale and investing in real estate.

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