How to buy the right house

Many people seek ideas on how to buy the right house. Firstly, before going deep into how to buy the right house you must have something in mind. The ideal type of house you want to buy. That notwithstanding, there are some certain questions you have to ask yourself about the commitment you are about to make. Four hot questions you are to Ask your self Why do I want to buy a house (home)? What is the purpose of this house?- what do I want to use it for? How much did I budget for this house? Which geographical area do I want to buy from? and why? This questions if answered properly, will place you on the appropriate mindset on how to buy the right house. It can be helpful if you have a partner who will help make decisions and/or alert you on the things that you are missing out.   Why do you want to buy the house? It could be for private residential purposes, or for investing(check out the article on property investing). In my view, instead of saving a bulky amount of money in the bank for a long time it will profit you more if you will save the money in form of a property.These days, you don’t have to be told that you need to own a home. If you keep procrastinating, chances are you will not get anywhere.   What is the purpose of this house?- what do I want to use it for? If you have answered the first question properly then this is a summary you have to make from your previous answers. So know that exact thing that you want to do with the house/property. Remember, Clarity is power.   What is my budget for the purchase? There are different ways you can pay for a house that you want to buy. You can pay with cash, or pay with loan (mortgage) and also various different ways that I will not go into because of how broad that aspect is(I have an upcoming article for that topic). Make sure that you have or able to get the financing for your upcoming purchase. In rear cases, the seller might have some kind of flexibility in financing your purchase.  how to buy the right house What area/neighbourhood do you want to buy from? This is a very important consideration to make as it concerns your daily activities and mobility, the value of the property, opportunities available and the economical activities in such areas. In my place of specialization (although I’m still learning about these areas: the settlements within the FCT Abuja, the metro area, Kubwa down to Zuba and Suleja, Gwagwalada, up to airport road and others) there is always a positive indications in the environments that is healthy for growing economy.So, you’releft to make a decision on what you want. You can also make consultations to better assist in landing a good conclusion. How to buy the right house is based on the following category of geographical selections
  • Proximity to your work place or business place
  • proximity to health facilities or centers.
  • Proximity to social amenities such as banks, market, good access roads, religious places and others
If you can judge the quality of these things in association with a piece of property (house or building) then you have answered the question-‘In what town do I want to buy a house(property) from?’ This is your home work. Then what next?   The next 5 tips to add This is the second part of the process. This involves going out to search for a property that will fit into what you came up with in the Phase I. you can as well ask an agent to replace you in the search and make him/her report to you his findings. The following are what I recommend when you are looking (searching) for a house to buy
  • Get a good and reputed agent (that knows what he is doing). Have it in mind that market always change. The property that is available in the market today maybe sold the next minute and the property is off the market. So you have to continue to update yourself on the property that you have an eye and show interest otherwise the agent might think that you are’nt intrestedin it and that might be your golden opportunity. Get a good agent pay them well especially if you want to be a frequent customer.
  • Improvise if need arise.The best of what might be available in the market might not suit your criteria. At this point you must have an open mind, use you third eye to look into the situation, analyze it and develop a possible way out. If a property is not exactly the way you want it, but in respect to all proximities it rated high then see what you can fix and envision how better it will be. After you might have done that then it is time to go for it.
  • Inspection is important. When you find your choice, conduct a serious inspection. Check out the major components of the property. Fish out errors that needs attention. Some seller or agent might object the idea but a good agent will assist effectively and a good seller will provide you all the support needed to carry out the exercise.
  • Bargain is helpful. A right person in his right mind will not sheepishly pay for something at its asking price. Every normal buyer would like to have a better offer less than the initial asking price. This is where negotiation comes into the process. Learn how to negotiate is helpful.
  • Ask about security. No one would like to live in a place where a lot of criminal activity exist unless the buyer better have a contingency plan. But totally it will be safe if you can stay clear off red zones, it will give you peace of mind.
  One Last thing to add If you have steadfastly followed these steps on how to buy a house, then the one and the final thing to do is to collect your thoughts and listen to your gut or Instinct. Recall how you felt when you were coming into the area? what was your impression? Do you feel safe or hostile? How do you personally feel when you step into the property? Compare them with the ones you have seen before, is it better? If you are buying for investment purposes the you have a lot more to do then just asking yourself a few questions. At the end if the answers to these questions are positive, then congratulations, you have found exactly what you are looking for. It is time to take action. Proceed to buying and making all the proper hand over. And I wish you well from this point.   To get more materials like this log on to for more(all for free). please, your comments are important. do make sure that they are included. Thanks for reading this Article.





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