What Is The Government Doing About Power – How It Affects Real Estate

Sometimes I ask this question, what is the government doing about the power; how it affects real estate. But at the end I don’t really get a good or straight answer. The power sector has been privatized in Nigeria. This action is taken by the government to collaborate with private investors so as to contribute to power supply. This is done with the intent that the private sector could control and deliver the power supply eradicating corruption within it to increase efficiency. Another reason I think this was done was to give the private sector a chance since the government have fail to deliver. A statement made by President Muhammadu Buhari about the power sector when Nigerians are hungry for answers was that a lot of power is being generated in this country (thousands of Megawatt) but the problem is with the power sector is transmission of these generated power. We have a lot of problem but I’m only hearing of suggestive solution but the implementation is sagging, no solid action is in place towards it. Another point is that people artificially create a problem that will turn out to affect massive number of people. That is why the question what is the government doing about power is never a question that will give you a straight answer. Previously, the name was NEPA- how it affects real estate The PHCN or AEDC as they are called has been dangling with the decision of increasing the tariff of power bill by 45% (trending news within the last quarter of 2015 and the beginning of 2016). However, that I think is too ridiculous. How can we pay for electricity supply that barely last for 3 to 4 hours a day if there is any. It is affecting living, residential real estate and business. The bottom line in various businesses is seriously eaten alive buy the expenses of power. I like the opposition to that decision. People protest against paying higher for darkness because technically, power is absolutely no good. How far with private investors So far so good the private sector has been doing all they can to turn the whole thing around. But their best effort is not good enough. Recently, I found out from my friend that some neighbourhoods in Suleja are witnessing a constant supply of power in their area. And if you check very well you will find out that they only have power supply for approximately 12 hours. From another work mate he reported that the power holding authority are improving there is longer hours of power supply than before. But as I write the reverse is the case. As I write this, the power can’t even charge up their cell phones which is terrible. Maybe tomorrow the case might be different. The power holding authority should also know that the people are also expecting more from them. What can you do You the resident, are the consumer of this power. So, if there is any slack in the customers service then you might just do good by tendering your complaints. The heads of this company are not ghosts. They cannot be everywhere at every time. Recently, I heard that they dismissed some incompetent and disloyal workers. If that is true, then it means they act on information they were given on and made changes. If there is a breakdown of power transformer in your area, or there is a constant power outage, then the best effort you can make is to communicate persistently until they have a solution. There is a good thing with patronizing the private sector, they pay attention to your complains and proffer solutions to them. But when it was handled by the public sector, they do mostly as they please. In summary, I myself am tired of the level of infidelity that is shown to us by the power distribution in Nigeria. But we have to make sure that we give the power holding authorities the information to help make their service improve. Ensure to pay your bills so that they have their focus on improving their efforts and services.   The future Just like what happened to NITEL, I think that will be the same story that will happen to NEPA, AEDC, PHCN. If they are not careful history will repeat itself. Thank you for reading this article. Your contributions and comments, should be included in the review below      





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